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3 easy ways to make your headshots more exciting

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Headshots are boring...

There, I said it! Even so, they are a must in life (and business). I’m not sure if anyone enjoys ‘picture day’ in the office – I’m not sure anyone enjoyed ‘picture day’ at school! – but if the words ‘headshot’ and ‘photo wall’ give you shivers, we might have a cure for you!

Headshots shouldn’t just be a photo of your face, they are a representation of the values and attributes of your team and business. There’s so much more to think about than nice make-up and fancy lights. Answer these 3 questions:

What does your business do?

What do you want to show off?

What are your values?


Well, if your values are ‘fun and bold’ then why are we taking headshots in the corner of your office against a pale blue wall?

If you produce natural beauty products, why would your headshot be you sat in front of your PC?

A photo of yourself or your team is a huge part of your branding, so it is vital that your photos do your brand justice and feel authentic. Authenticity (or that like, know and trust factor) is a huge part of customer engagement and conversion…maybe headshots aren’t that boring?

So, here's 3 easy ways to level up your headshots:

  1. Look away

Looking away from the camera to give that 'candid' feel, which is hot right now in the World of social media. In the strive to make our businesses feel relevant to today's audiences, opt for a more casual and candid pose.

2. Lean in

Leaning in to the camera can help convey values of 'fun' and 'vibrant'. Lean in with a huge smile to give off a confident and bold vibe!

(He is obviously not old enough to need a corporate headshot just yet, but he definitely did it best!)

3. Choose your backdrop carefully

Gone are the days of the beige office wall being the only option for a headshot! Think about what colours represent your brand, or what place tells your story, should the photos be inside or outside? Make your choices carefully to give you an image that feels genuine to you.

If you're looking to update your personal or team photos in 2021, contact us to find out how we can help.

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